Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon

Malaysia Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon Manufacturer

Waltvest Sdn. Bhd. has made a name for itself as one of the world ’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality Nippon products. Not only are the Waltvest Nippon product very sought-after on the Asian market, but they are also very appreciated all around the world. The company specializes in a plethora of office consumable products and products for printing purposes in general.

From thermal paper rolls and thermal transfer ribbons to thermal paper rolls, printer ribbons as well as cash register rolls. With the cash registers and thermal rolls offered by Waltvest, every small or medium-sized company or large multinational corporation will run smoothly and will handle all the business transactions in a fast, efficient and effortless manner.

A Brief Overview Of Waltvest And What It Has To Offer In Terms Of Office Consumables

The company is committed to providing a wide array of office consumables, and to becoming a premier one-stop point for all the consumables in the market place. By providing high-quality and reliable products at highly affordable prices, Waltvest has always managed to stay one step ahead of its competitions.

In addition to investing in quality and making no compromise when it comes to the efficacy and the usability of its products, Waltvest also invests heavily in research and innovation, as it knows that the office consumables market is a very competitive industry where each business must constantly reinvent itself in order to be the number one. Waltvest’s policy is always very customer-oriented, as the primary goal of the company is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with its customers by providing products of the highest quality, and by putting customer satisfaction on the first place.

A Closer Look At The Thermal Transfer Ribbon Products Offered By The Company

As you may know already, thermal transfer printing is an advanced and digitized printing process during which a certain material is applied to paper, by simply melting the coating of ribbon. This way, the molten material stays on the paper for a long period of time. This technique has been used for more than eight decades now, and thermal transfer ribbon is widely used across many different industries; not only is it used for printing plastic labels designed for chemical containers, but it also comes in handy for printing bar code labels as well as for marking clothing labels that tend to last for a very long period of time, as opposed to thermal printing which is more suitable for the short-term and where no ribbon is present.

The thermal transfer process uses different types of ribbons, depending on its purpose – however, in most of the cases the ribbons are made of wax, resin or a combination of both wax and resin. It is important to choose a type of ribbon that is fully compatible with your thermal transfer printer, otherwise the process may be hindered. The good news is that Waltvest has a wide array of different ribbon sizes, and the most popular ones are readily available and they will be shipped to you as soon as you place the order. Ordering office consumables has never been easier or cheaper!