Thermal Printer Ribbons

Thermal Printer Ribbons Manufacturing By Waltvest

Waltvest is widely known as one of the most respected thermal printer ribbons manufacturer in Malaysia. Waltvest distributed its products all across the country and all over Asia, and it has extended its sales to the entire world, now being a global master distributors of Nippon office consumables. There are several aspects that make Waltvest stand out from the crowd, and in addition to the affordable prices and the irreproachable quality of the materials, the company also specializes in a plethora of consumables, which makes it a one-stop solution for business owners all over the world.

Over the years, Waltvest has constantly diversified its array of products, in order to try and reach out to a wider audience. That being said, the company offers a wealth of useful and cost-effective office consumables, including thermal paper rolls, thermal printer ribbons, register paper rolls, POS thermal paper rolls, thermal cash register rolls and regular paper rolls for everyday use.

Why Choose A Thermal Printer Ribbon Offered By Waltvest?

Waltvest specializes in offering thermal printer ribbons of the highest quality, ribbons that feature all the advantages of the classic Nippon products. These ribbons are highly economical and they are widely known for their long print life, which makes them a particularly good investment for business owners who use their printers on a daily basis. These thermal ribbons are great for commercial and for industrial use, and they can be replaces quickly, effortlessly and without any hassles on the user’s part. All you need to do is to insert the whole new cartridge inside the printer and you can start using the device right away.

Waltvest is known to offer more than one thousand active ribbons and printing supplies that vary from spool ribbons and lift of tapes to typewriter ribbons, ink rollers and such. Given the wide variety of available models, choosing the one that best meets your needs can be easier than expected.

Thermal printing, widely known as direct thermal printing, is a digital process designed to produce a perfectly printed image with the help of heating coated thermal paper. The printing occurs when the paper passes over the print head of the device, and the coating instantly turns black only in the areas where it is heated, thus producing a clear image. This method is very different from the thermal transfer printing, as the latter uses a heat-sensitive ribbon as opposed to heat-sensitive paper, in spite of the fact that both printing methods essentially use the same types of thermal print heads.

What makes thermal printing so special is the fact that it is the only form of non embossing printing that requires no toner or ink whatsoever. At Waltvest, you can find a variety of office supply for thermal heating, and it is important to be well-aware of the different components of this device in order to understand its needs. In a nutshell, a thermal printer features a thermal head that generates heat, a platen, a controller board that controls the entire mechanism along with a spring designed to apply pressure to the thermal head.