9 Layers Stretch Film Hand Roll

PRODUCTS - 9 Layers Stretch Film Hand Roll

Stretch Film
We Focus On Plastic Packaging Needs
We are selling 9 layers stretch films which are the ideal packaging solution. Our current product is capable for producing hand rolls, machine rolls and jumbo rolls for the requirement of various industries. They have been carefully formulated to provide great strength, durability, versatility and low maintenance. The product is most suitable for pallet wrapping and packaging of industrial products.

  • Even thickness
  • High clarify and high gloss
  • Good cling properties
  • High Stress retention to maintain holding grip on load
  • Resistant against punctures and tears
  • Compliance with Rohs Requirement
  • Advantages and Applications

  • Cater for small, Medium and large user as well as converter
  • Saves cost and handling time
  • Ensuring Stability of palletized goods during transportation
  • Ideal for protecting goods from moisture, dirt and abrasion

    Hand Roll width: 300mm – 500mm
    Special Size inquiries are welcomes