Pioneering Excellence in Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturing

Founded in 2000, Waltvest Sdn Bhd is the master manufacturer and distributor of paper rolls products in the thermal paper industry. With 23 years of experience, it has expanded to become a comprehensive thermal paper rolls products and labels and stickers manufacturer.


Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities

Waltvest has recently bolstered its manufacturing line by integrating state-of-the-art machinery in our manufacturing line in out 45,000 square feet plant in the northern Klang Valley, operational 24/7. This enhancement empowers the company to further its production capacity, ensuring efficiency and precision in delivering high-quality paper rolls, thermal paper, labels and stickers products to all stakeholders of our company. We have invested in high-tech machinery and slitting machines, Offset & Flexo printing machines, and Computer Form Preprinted machines, enabling the handling of high-volume orders.


Customization & Flexibility

Our company prides itself on its ability to customize preprinted paper rolls and labels and strickers according to customer specifications, offering various GSM options. This flexibility, coupled with a rapid turnaround time and no minimum order requirements, underscores Waltvest's commitment to meeting diverse customer needs promptly and effectively with promised good service.

With a focus on diverse industries such as banking, F&B, hypermarkets, manufacturing, and more, Waltvest has established itself as a pivotal supplier in it’s name. We continuously expand our export range to reach major global markets including the USA, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Qatar, Dubai, Brunei, Africa, and Singapore, catering to an extensive international clientele at a rapid rate.


Innovation and Quality Commitment

Waltvest remains dedicated to delivering quality paper rolls, labels and stickers products as it enters its third decade, meeting the most stringent industry requirements and certifications. Furthermore, we adopt a Blue Ocean strategy to consistently innovate new products to maintain a competitive edge in the market. We prioritize customer-centric values through product innovation, aiming to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships. We focus on innovation, quality, and personalized service to enhance customer satisfaction. By consistently delivering exceptional experiences, we aim to create value that goes beyond products, fostering trust and loyalty in our clientele.


Financial Stability and Future Development

The company's operational prowess and technical expertise have forged robust OEM partnerships with prominent brands in the industry. Its reliability has earned Waltvest the status of a preferred supplier for esteemed companies worldwide. Our strong financial capabilities ensure smooth operations and manufacturing while allocating substantial resources from our revenue for continuous research and development to ensure we always lead the pack.

Looking ahead, Waltvest is gearing up for substantial growth by planning the construction of a new factory within the next three years. This strategic move is poised to further amplify its research, development, and production capabilities to accommodate the escalating demand for our diversified paper rolls, labels and stickers product range.


To create the value and make the difference


Ensuring compliance with the most stringent quality standards and certifications to aid customers in enhancing their sales through superior products, and to elevate brand values.


Our sales team ensures customer satisfaction with swift delivery and exceptional service levels with vast and strong product knowledge.


Continuously pioneering new products and processes, following the "BLUE OCEAN" strategy, to enable customers to excel in competitive markets.


We use the environment friendly raw material to save our world is our responsibility.


Utilizing eco-friendly raw materials to contribute to global environmental conservation efforts.


Striving for excellence, we deliver superior value through competitive pricing, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Unmatched affordability, exceptional quality.

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